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Enamel can be applied on glass is screen printing process, which is performed by means of screen printing matrix After application of the enamel on the glass is subjected to drying and hardening process, in which the glass is melted. Screen printed glass is classified as safety glass and have tempered glass qualities.

Anti – slippery painting can be applied on glass by means of screen – printing. This process is exactly the same as normal screen-printing, but in this case the enamel contains corundum, which, after firing the enamel is permanently attached to the glass. So, the resulting film is rough, whereby the surface becomes anti-skid characteristics.

The use of glass with screen printing is very broad:
- In construction ( building facades, walls of glass fixed and movable and doors),
- In interior design (decorative elements, filling),
- As the outer layers of floors, platforms and stairs all-glass (for anti-slip layer ).

Glass thickness From 6mm up to 19mm
Dimensions minimum size: diagonal or diameter 300mm
maximum size: 1300x2400mm, contact us for bigger sheets
Type of glass float glass
low iron glass
color glass antisol (dyed in the mass)
chemically etched glass
sandblasted glass
glass hard coat (his reflexes, stopsol, sunguard, sunstop, k-glass)
Colours According to RAL colours palette, except RAL group 4xxx
Kształt rectangular
triangles, trapezoids, polygons
ovals, ellipses, circles