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Anti – burglary glass is composed of many layers of glass glued in lamination proces. All glass is made in accordance with European norm EN 356. The glass test according to this norm depends on cutting a hole in the glass with an axe of weight 2 kg. For example , to achieve lowest level of safety according to this norm glass must withstand 30 hits of axe to cut out specified size square hole.

The company "Ligęza" has been producing anti – burglary glass for over 20 years and was actually the first company to offer this type of glass in Poland. All kinds of anti-bulglary glass have valid certificates issued by ICiMB (Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials) in Krakow, and are subject to rigorous assessment at every stage of production, by the Factory Quality Control staff.

The anti – burglary glass is permanently marked in accordance with the requirements of EN 356 . Discription label is placed between the glass layers, which prevents removal of the marking.

A very important issue is the correct installation of the anti- burglarglass in suitable frames which must be of proper strength and endurance. Traditional frames made of wood or PVC do not have sufficient strength. Our company offers anti-burglary glass assembled in specially designed steel frames.

Please note that the anti-burglary glass can easily be damaged. Smashing the surface of glass with a metal object with sufficient force causes the outer layer of glass to crack.. However, such breakage causes nither significant damage to the glass nor deterioration of the mechanical properties of the glass.

Test of an hand axe attack according to PN-EN 356


Axe Hit

Cuitting hit

Alltogether Numeber of Hits
Impact Velocity [m/s] Impact Energy [Nm] Impact Velocity [m/s] Impact Energy [Nm]


12,5 ± 0,3 350 ± 15 11,0 ± 0,3
300 ± 15 od 30 do 50


12,5 ± 0,3 350 ± 15 11,0 ± 0,3
300 ± 15 od 51 do 70


12,5 ± 0,3 350 ± 15 11,0 ± 0,3
300 ± 15 ponad 70

Anti-burglary glass offered by our company is both anti-burglary and bullet-resistent glass. This means that e.g. anti-bulglary glass class P6B is as well bullet-resistant in class BR1"NS", class P7B is as well bullet-resistant in class BR2"S", and anti-bulglary glass class P8B is bullet-resistant in class BR3"S".

Our double function glass , that combines bullet-resistant and anti-burglary feature, which is unique advantage, is called in our company as follows: P6B/BR1"NS", P7B/BR2"S" and P8B/BR3"S"

It is possible to produce anti-burglary glass that is either transparent or matt or has effect of one side see through mirror.. The latter two are formed only by adding a further layer of glass, usually 4 mm thick. Anti-burglary glass can be made into double glazing units. The maximum size of anti-burglary glass in the standard version can be up to 3210x2250mm, but we are able to produce "Jumbo" size 6000x3210mm anti-burglary and bullet-proof glass units. Projects above standard size are treated as special, and requireindividual arrangements - please contact our sales office. Usually the minimum size of glass that we can produce is 300x300mm, although we can make smaller pieces after arrangements.

We offer following anti-burglary & bullet –resistant glass prodused by our company:

Class Certificate No Glass thickness [mm] Weight [kg/m2] 2]


1309/ISCMOiB/08 19,5 50


1310/ISCMOiB/08 25 63


1311/ISCMOiB/08 30 75

Anti-burglary glass is widely applied in buildings where the risk of intrusion and loss of property may occur.