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OFFER / PRODUCTS / Laminated glass with resin

This resin laminated glass is laminated safety glass, composed of at least two sheets of glass lamiated with chemically hardened layer of resin. Production of laminated glass and its assessment is based on the PN- EN ISO 12543 1-6 Glass in building - Laminated glass and laminated safety glass and BS EN 14449 Glass in building - Laminated glass and laminated safety glass - Evaluation conformity of the product with the standard.

Resin lamination technology has been continously been replaced by methods based on laminating films (EVA , PVB), however some fields of application remains irreplaceable.

The table below presents basic information about the resin laminated glass.

Glass thickness From 4 to 19mm
Thickness of interlayer 1mm or 2mm
Dimension Max size: 3210x60000mm
In the case of laminated glass sheets bigger than 5.00 m2 and a weight in excess of 200kg, please contact the sales office.
Glass type float glass
low iron glass
color glass antisol (dyed in the mass)
chemically etched glass
sandblasted glass
glass hard coat (his reflexes, stopsol, sunguard, sunstop, k-glass)
Shape rectangular
trapezoidal, triangular
oval, circular
other irregular (based on template)
by CAD

The main area of application of resin laminated glass is to carry the load eg: glass floors, canopies, glass steps and glass railing.