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Siliconized glass layer is formed by coating glass surface with silicone. After applying the silicone is dried in order to cure. Silicone is generally applied on the the tempered glass, so the glass acquires the characteristics of safety glass, but there is the possibility of applying silicone on any type of glass. Siliconized glass alike enamel glass can be used in double glazing units. Especially for this purpose the glass pane is made with a silicone free border all around to enable proper sealing to the other glass in double glazing unit.

Silicone coated glass has the same durability as tempered glass. The main area of application is silicone coated glass is for building facades.

Glass thickness From 4mm up to 19mm
Dimensions minimum size: diagonal or diameter 300mm
maximum size: 2400x3600mm, contact us for bigger sheets
Type of glass float glass
low iron glass
color glass antisol (dyed in the mass)
chemically etched glass
sandblasted glass
glass hard coat (his reflexes, stopsol, sunguard, sunstop, k-glass)
Kształt rectangular
triangles, trapezoids, polygons
ovals, ellipses, circles