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OFFER / SERVICES / Tempering of glass

Our offer includes tempering of customer's glass. Glass intended for tempering should meet the requirements edge finish, holes and cutouts positioning. For details, see the OWT.

Tempered glass produced by our company meets requirements of standards EN 12150. Glass in building. Thermally toughened safety soda lime silicate glass.
Part 1:2002 Definitions and description.
Part 2:2006 Assessment of compliance of the product with the norm.

Glass tempering shall be permanently marked by the marking on the surfaco of glass. Marking is done in a way that prevents its removal or obliteration. Under current law, all products for the construction industry are subject to labeling. When you can give up the marking of glass, see the OWT.

We offer an opportunity to toughen customer glass, in accordance with the following table.

Glass thickness From 4mm up to 19mm
Dimensions minimum dimensions: diagonal or diameter 300mm
Smaller sheets upon individual consultation.
maximum: 2400x3600mm
Type of glass float glass
low iron glass
color glass antisol (dyed in the mass)
chemically etched glass
sandblasted glass
glass hard coat (his reflexes, stopsol, sunguard, sunstop, k-glass)
Glass shape rectangular
triangles, trapezoids, polygons
ovals, ellipses, circles