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OFFER / MOUNTING SYSTEMS / Sliding, folding

We offer complete systems for sliding doors. The typical sliding door system consists of the following elements:
- The upper guide profile,
- Carts,
- Clamps for glass,
- Bumpers with hitch,
- The lower track.

The top guide profile can be mounted to the wall just above above the door opening or on the ceiling. In the first case it is necessary the use of mounting brackets. In the second variant mounting, guide profile with strollers and brackets can be built above the suspended ceiling. The visible part is then only a sheet of glass.

Additional optional features include:
- Masking of stainless steel, covering the guide and the buckle,
- Handle
- Lock

Another type of system sliding folding system is often called pleated. In this system, when the individual shets of glass slide, these elements make up one upon the other on one or two sides of the guide. To build this type of system uses the appropriate set of hardware, which includes:
- The upper guide,
- Carts,
- Clamps for glass,
- Profiles for glass top and bottom,
- Hinges (two types),

Additional optional features include:
- Locks the corner,
- Door handles,
- Lock bolts enable the individual sheets to the closed position. In this configuration, the first shutter system may act as a folding door.