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OFFER / GLASS PROCESSING / Holes and cut-outs

Drilling in glass is performed by using diamond drills. Due to the fact that glass is a brittle material and prone to, cracking and chipping, it is necessary to use two spindle drilling machines. The sharp edges of the holes are chamfered on both side of the glass sheet in order to eliminate micro-cracks caused during drilling. Holes can be carried out as a cylindrical or conical hole from of 4 to 70mm diameter. Larger holes are milled on numerically controlled machines(CNC). Conical holes are formed by beveling cylindrical holes to the desired depth / diameter of the cone.

Cut-outs in the glass are performed by different techniques. These include glass cut-outs using a hand-held knives, diamond saws and cutters as well as by means of using stationary machines such as CNC Waterjet and plotters When designing the all-glass elements with holes and / or notches one should be familiar with guidelines contained in the OWT.